We want our clients to be fully informed during their time with us so we have put together a list of the most common questions and provided answers below. If there’s anything we have not covered, please feel free to drop us a line here, we are always happy to help.

What Locations Do You Cover?

We are based in Kent however we have a team that covers the majority of the UK so please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Do You Work From A Studio Or On Location?

The majority of our clients are businesses who require multiple members of staff photographed during a session and who need that process to be as straightforward and disruption minimised as possible. As such, we have a full custom lighting and background setup which can be used in a boardroom or meeting room, giving a convenient way of getting what you need with minimum disruption to the schedule of each staff member.

If you are concerned that you do not have a suitable space at your location then just drop us a line here and we can certainly figure something out.

Do You Recommend Using A Hair And Makeup Artist?

For corporate sessions, our makeup artist will speak with each member of staff at the beginning of their time slot and agree any adjustments that need to be made. There is a difference between what works well in the office and what works well in front of camera. This usually entails shine removal, hair and clothing arranging (gotta have those ties straight!) and any additional work that is necessary. Although our artist has a large range of makeup we understand that some ladies prefer to use their own makeup so please make sure this is on hand during the slot.

We do ask ladies to come to their slot as they would do for a normal working day as due to time constraints it is not possible to undertake a full make up application from scratch. For guys we recommend a professional haircut 24-48hrs before your session.

For ladies who have booked an individual session, we ask that you come to your session having only applied a little moisturiser. Our artist will then liaise with you at the beginning of your session before applying from scratch. This process takes on average one hour prior to being photographed.

We do not recommend a makeup artist for guys who are booking an individual session.

Makeup and hair styling during your session has a significant impact on the quality of the end result and as such we do not undertake sessions without a makeup artist. We work with a select number of artists who are experienced in creating a subtle, professional look that compliments our work.

Full pricing details are available on our pricing page here.


Can You Advise Us On What To Wear During The Session?

Yes. Every client is provided with a guidance document prior to their session with information on what and what not to wear. If you’re unsure about what colours and styles would work best for you or your team we can arrange a style consultation with Deborah Turner of You Image Consultancy who will be happy to help you out. Additional costs will apply. If you require any more information on this service please contact me and I will arrange for Deborah to speak with you.

Do You Have Any Reviews Or Testimonials We Can See?

Yes. You can find a selection of them here.

Some Staff Are A Bit Nervous About Being Photographed, Can You Help?

Yes. Most of our clients bring at least some level of anxiety to their session, its perfectly normal to do so. It could be based on a number of factors, perhaps a previous bad experience with a photographer or being worried that they won’t get the quality of images they need.

We have had the pleasure of photographing hundreds of clients, each one of them unique. Our photographer will guide and coach each member of staff through the process of being photographed.

To ensure that everyone receives the quality of images they need, the entire session is shot directly onto a large laptop screen. Each image is shown in real-time allowing both the photographer and the subject to accurately assess how the session is progressing. Periodically, they will go through the session and offer guidance on what looks great and what needs a little more attention. During this process there will be the opportunity to ask any questions or make any points needed.

At the end of each slot, the photographer will go through all of the images with that staff member and together choose the image that best portrays a confident and professional look. This means that every staff member leaves their slot knowing they have a new headshot that showcases them at their very best. We’ve been told a few times that other photographers have often allowed them to leave their slot having never seen a single image and having no idea what level of quality they will receive.

Which Members Of Your Team Will Attend Our Session?

This depends on both your location and the type of session you require. For clients we have worked with previously we make every effort to have the same team each time for consistency.

Each headshot session team consists of a photographer, a photographers assistant and a makeup artist.

Can You Tell Me A Bit About The Process?

  • Initial Contact – When you first make contact with us, we will take the time to answer any questions you may have and also send you  a document that provides more details on our process allowing you to help us help you to make the session run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
  • Pre-Session – Once you have booked your session date, you’ll receive a pre session guidance document that you can send on to each member of staff. It details what and what not to wear as well as some other tips to make sure everyone looks their very best on the day.
  • Session Day – On your agreed session date our team will arrive between 60 and 90 minutes before the first slot time to setup. I always encourage a variety of different clothing looks, angles and expressions that give you a range of options. I will coach you through the entire process. Every image is taken directly onto a computer screen and periodically we will stop and review the session up until that point. It helps me to guide you in what’s working great and what we need to work on and it allows you to be sure you’re getting exactly what you need.
  • Retouching – Your choices are then subtly retouched by my specialist retoucher. I often get asked how much retouching is involved, usually because people are worried they will end up looking like a china doll parody of themselves. Less is more is my motto here. Unless you’ve told someone the image has been retouched they would never know.  Most of the work to make you look your very best is done at the time of your session, through my custom lighting setup and my expression coaching. The post production retouching is the cherry on the icing on the cake.
  • Delivery – Your final retouched images are supplied to you in both print and online resolutions, ready for social media or website use, via a unique digital download link.

What Do You Mean By 'Retouching'?

Each image undergoes a bespoke process following your session to both prepare the file to be used in the various print and online formats and to ensure that the quality of the image represents your staff at their very best.

Temporary blemishes and stray hairs are removed and skin tone is adjusted. This process is designed to be subtle, flattering and realistic.

All retouching work is performed by my specialist retoucher.  She is experienced in providing a result that is appropriate for business headshots and showcases everyone at their very best.

When And How Do You Take Payment?

Individual session fees are due at the time of booking by credit/debit card, bank transfer or via PayPal. Details are provided at the time of booking. If a makeup artist is required, their fee is payable to the artist directly on the day of your session.

For half and full day sessions, please contact me for payment details.

How Do I Choose My Favourite Images?

Depending on your preference, we can either go through the images at the end of the session together and choose your favourites or I can upload the best options to a private online gallery for you to choose in your own time. Any images that will not present you in the way you need are not included in this gallery. You are welcome to share this gallery with friends, family or colleagues if you require a second opinion.

How Are The Retouched Images Delivered?

Your images are delivered via a secure, private online gallery. If you chose the option to view your selects via the online gallery, the same address and login details apply for both. This gallery is accessible for one year from the date of delivery.

For individual, half and full day sessions all images are delivered in an 8×10 crop for print use, an 8×10 crop for website use and a square crop sized for social media use.

My mini-sessions include one square crop sized for social media use and an 8×10 crop for website use.

All files are delivered in JPEG format.

Additional formats and sizes can be provided upon request however please note that I do not supply unretouched RAW files as they are not the final product.